Shepherd Hut Designs and Prices

We build a vast range of huts for different people and different purposes. Broadly speaking, they either fit the description of "small and simple", or "larger and luxurious". That's why we have listed some of our most popular designs as either Traditional Shepherd Huts, or Luxury Living Huts. Naturally, we also build huts that fall somewhere between these two categories, or fit neither description! In addition, our "Wild Rover" range of road towable huts are as diverse as any part of our range.

A note on pricing: The example prices shown are typically for a fully finished and fitted out hut with most features such as beds, electricity and amenities included. We could strip the examples back to the bare basics and show a much lower "starting from" price, but that would be misleading! For detailed, itemised costs, get in touch for a quotation.

There are plenty of choices, and we're happy to have a chat with you to work out the best option for you. Click the options below for more information, or give us a call on 01603 397777 if you'd like to chat!

Classic, cosy outdoor spaces.

Prices from approx. £40,000 + VAT

English Shepherds Hut Hideaway (6).jpg

For smaller Shepherd huts inspired by historic examples, our Traditional range includes simple and affordable designs that make ideal garden rooms, offices, studios or wholesome glamping accommodation. 

This range includes our classic Hideaway and Retreat Shepherd Huts.

Ensuite bathrooms, kitchens and more.

Prices from approx. £57,000 + VAT

The Orchid Keepers Hut (9).jpg

We build a range of larger huts with more extensive fit outs which can ensuite bathrooms, kitchens and much more. They are ideal for accommodation for hotels, B&B's, wedding venues and more.

This range includes our signature Poachers Hut, as well as our larger Keepers Hut and Shepherds Lodge.

Road towable, perfect for events.

Prices from approx. £70,000 + VAT


Our innovative "Wild Rover" Shepherd Huts can be hitched to the back of a 4x4 and towed legally on roads. This makes them ideal for event hire and we have created a range of bedrooms, bathrooms and bars.

This range includes our innovative Aquarius and Neptune bathroom huts, which are popular for wedding hire.

Designing a Hut

We provide, without any doubt or exaggeration, the most comprehensive Shepherd Hut design service you will find from any hut builder. With detailed CAD drawings, bespoke furniture designs, every hut we build is unique and purpose built for the customer.

We are ready to take your order, and have put together a quick guide of what you should be aware of before placing it!


We are proud of our Shepherd Huts and can tell you all the reasons why we're the best- But that's something best left to our customers! We have some glowing reviews from a growing list of happy hut-owners who can share their own experiences.

Sometimes the best way to experience our Shepherd Huts is by enjoying a cosy night's stay. Here's a list of huts that  you can book a relaxing break in.