Frequently Asked Questions

While we try to keep the process of designing and buying a hut as easy and enjoyable as possible, we appreciate that there are plenty of questions to ask. Some have short answers, and others have longer, more considered answers! We'll start with the easy ones.

How Big is a Shepherds Hut?


Short Answer: As big as you need!


Longer Answer: Our smallest hut measures12ft long by 7ft 6inch wide, whilst our biggest measures a massive 28ft long by 11ft 6inch wide- Of course, we offer every possible size in-between.

How Long Will a Shepherds Hut Last?


Short Answer: Our Shepherd Huts, if looked after properly, will last for decades.

Longer Answer: We pride ourselves on a high quality build using premium materials and a skilled team of craftsmen that'll stand the test of time noticeably better than cheaper alternatives. However, it is important to maintain your hut to get the most out of it, as you would with any building you invest it, such as by repainting and servicing it every couple of years.

How Much Do Shepherd Huts Cost?

Short Answer: Our prices start from about £27,000 for a small simple model. Our largest, most luxurious hut can cost up to £100,000 (and sometimes beyond), but most will fall somewhere in between. 

Longer Answer: Our prices vary widely depending on the exact type of hut and fit out. There are some examples of Shepherd Hut designs and prices on our website, but if you tell us exactly what you are looking for, we can usually provide you with a full quotation with itemised costings within 48hrs. We can confidently say that our huts are not cheap. That is simply because we do not want to build cheap huts! Our huts are made from high quality materials by skilled craftsmen with care and attention to detail and a design flexibility that our cheaper competitors simply don't offer.

Click Here to see some Prices and Examples.

Q: Do Shepherds Huts Require Planning Permission?


Short Answer: Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't!


Longer Answer: Around a decade ago, some absolute goon declared that "Shepherd Huts don't need planning permission because they are on wheels" and unfortunately it caught on. Whilst not completely untrue, it is completely misleading!

There are various cases where planning permission is essential and we like to ensure that our customers are fully informed before purchasing a hut. There are lots of different factors and from some years of experience we have our bit of wisdom to share on the topic. We have written an article about this in much more detail-

Click here to find out about Planning Permission for Shepherd Huts.


Do Shepherd Huts Have Toilets? (Often followed by "Where Does The Toilet Waste Go?")

Short Answer: Yes, if you want one. No, if you don't!

Longer Answer: It's possible to fit everything from a simple sink or flush toilet to a full ensuite bathroom in a Shepherds Hut. Utilities should be available to connect to on site, so it's important to pick a suitable location to site your hut where this is possible. If it isn't, various off-grid alternatives are available, which are outlined in more detail in this article about Shepherd Hut Toilet Solutions.

Are Shepherd Huts Movable?


Short Answer: If they need to be, yes! Our huts may be built on either a traditional turning chassis, a road towable chassis or a simple fixed axle.

Longer Answer: The reality is that most huts rarely need to be moved, modern huts are a lot more robustly built and heavier than the historical ones, and there are much easier methods of moving them nowadays than there were back then! There is much more to be said on this matter, and we share our thoughts in more detail in our blog.


Click here to read more moving Shepherd Huts and the different styles of chassis.

What is Required on Site?


Short Answer: You need a hardstanding for the hut to sit upon, the necessary utilities if required, and a suitable access route to be prepared prior to delivery of the hut.

Longer Answer: To prevent the hut from sinking into the ground, you should prepare a solid base for the hut to stand on. This could either be a pad of solid concrete or just compacted type 1 or crushed stone. Depending on your fit out, you may require an electrical supply with a suitable spec to meet the demands of the hut, a water mains and a suitable waste outlet for foul drainage. As every site is different, we like to personally visit each customer on location and then provide a full setting out plan for them to work to.

How Are Shepherd Huts Delivered?


Short Answer: Usually with a lorry that lifts the hut into place with a crane.

Longer Answer: In most cases, we use a 40ft Hiab lorry with a crane arm. Depending on the size of the hut being delivered, the arm has a reach of up to 20ft and can lower the hut directly into place. This does require that there is suitable access for the lorry to get within lifting distance. Other times, it may be possible to deliver using a trailer and 4x4. There are other options available.

In cases where the access isn't straightforward we have been known to get creative, but as every site is different we typically visit our customers in person and survey for access to plan and ensure that delivery is possible before accepting an order.

For more information on delivery, we've put together a short article that goes into a bit more detail.

Click Here For More Information on Delivery Requirements and Considerations.