Campsite Bathroom Facilities

A combination of social distancing and a fresh boom of UK-based staycation holidays, it looks like 2021 will be a busy year for campsites. With the safety of guests being paramount, access to suitable sanitation facilities without crowding is more important than ever.

That's why we offer a range of flexible toilet and shower facilities for campsites, starting from affordable pop-up options and portable solutions to first-class permanent bathroom blocks. Below are some of the options, ranging from least expensive to most luxurious!

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The Shower Shack & Lav Shack

Perfect for seasonal and pop up campsites, these stylish outdoor bathroom units provide an individual amenity, cutting down on queues and keeping guests separate. 

They are best utilised on smaller campsites, and are the most affordable option with prices starting from £1,995 + VAT.

NEW The AquaShack 

A self contained toilet and shower, ideal for "pitch exclusive" use. With a compact air source heat pump for shower water, and a choice between a chemical cassette toilet or fresh flushing toilet, it's an ideal campsite solution.

Prices from £13,995 + VAT

NEW The AquaShack XL

Providing three separate cubicles to provide amenities to more users, whilst allowing them to keep to an appropriate distance. A large toilet and shower room is ideal for users requiring supervision, whilst the individual shower and toilets help individual users minimise queue length.

Prices from £15,995 + VAT

Garreg Goch Bathroom Hut
Bathroom Blocks

For a permanent campsite, our static bathroom blocks can be built to suit your exact requirements- toilets, showers, disabled access and much more! 

Prices from £19,995 + VAT

Aquarius Bathroom Shepherds Hut English
Aquarius Shepherds Hut Bathroom

Our portable bathroom hut provides toilets and showers, requiring just a water mains and electricial supply. In fact, if used with a portable water bowser, pump and generator, it can operate off-the-grid, thanks to its spacious internal waste tank and highly efficient vacuum pump.

Ideal for events, or larger dispersed sites that require a mobile bathroom unit.

Prices from : £36,000 + VAT with rental options available.