Designing Your Shepherds Hut

Ordering a Shepherds Hut with us is an enjoyable journey, thanks to our bespoke designs, expert advice and customer service. We'll make sure that the hut you order is right for you, works with your location and that you have the necessary planning permission and infrastructure so you can enjoy it for years to come.

One thing we pride ourselves on is the depth of our quotations. We offer a technical breakdown, detailed concept drawings (Not just a line-sketch!) and our prices are 100% transparent with itemised costings to help you budget your build.


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Flexible, Bespoke, Unique.

Without any doubt, we offer the most flexible design process of any Shepherds Hut Builder in the world. Our builds begin from a concept and are developed with the customer to create a unique result.


As a result, no two of our customers have ordered quite the same hut, and we have created some of the most innovative builds on the market. We can offer a wealth of knowledge and experience to design something to suit your needs, or work purely with your own ideas (with a little guidance to ensure that all designs are functional, safe and within budget!).

Shepherds Lodge Interior Concept
Shepherds Lodge Interior Concept

Detailed Concept Drawings

Shepherds Lodge Interior Concept
Shepherds Lodge Interior Concept

From Concept...

Shepherds Lodge Plan Concept
Shepherds Lodge Plan Concept

Plan your Shepherd Hut with our in house design team

Shepherds Lodge Interior Concept
Shepherds Lodge Interior Concept

Detailed Concept Drawings

Detailed 3D Concept Drawings

We provide state of the art CAD drawings of your hut to show the layout and fittings in a huge amount of detail. This means that you can order with confidence, knowing exactly what you are getting!


As our design services are all provided in house, we can work with you to refine and revise your design until it is exactly what you require.

Electricity, Water, Drainage & Off-Grid

We are able to advise exactly what ground works and preparations are required for your Shepherd Hut to be sited and can liaise with your builders, electricians or plumbers or even perform a site visit to ensure that everything is ready for your hut to be connected once delivered.

If getting mains electricity, water or drainage isn't possible at your location, we have also developed a range of off-grid options that can let you enjoy solar powered lights, running water, hot showers and flushing toilets far from the madding crowd!

Bellwether Retreat Hut.jpg


Planning Permission

There are a few misconceptions about planning for Shepherd Huts (They're sadly not exempt just because they have wheels!), but fortunately we have plenty of experience in this area.

We can advise whether or not you require planning for your intended use and help you get it if you do. The last thing we want is our customers having to remove their huts at the behest of the local planning authority!

We can offer a full planning service and are happy to liaise with your preferred planner or architect, so you can enjoy your hut with peace of mind.

Budget & Finance

A top end Shepherds Hut is a significant investment and the superior quality of our huts is reflected in the price. To spread the cost of your investment, we recommend our friends at Credo Asset Finance, who may be able to offer a finance deal.

We also offer an affordable 3 year rental on some of our Classic Huts, at just £400/month which is ideal for start up glamping businesses that want to test the market. 

Bellwether Hideaway Hut.jpg

Whatever it is you need to make your Shepherd Hut dream a reality, we are here to help! For more information, contact our friendly team on or call our offices on 01603 397777.

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Insurance & Warranties

Your hut will remain a part of your home or business for many years to come and that's why our Shepherd Huts come with a 10 year structural warranty and a maintenance aftercare agreement.

For further peace of mind, we recommend insuring your hut- the four companies below may be able to help whether your hut is part of your home or your business.

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