Planning Permission for Glamping Sites

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We have spent over a decade working with new and growing glamping businesses, and know that these projects often begin as just a muddy field!


You will need to decide which market to cater to, what sort of infrastructure to invest in, how to operate, how much to budget for and how to launch yourself ahead of the competition and often the biggest question you will ask yourself is:


"Where do I start?".

If you are a landowner seeking to set up a new glamping business, we recommend speaking with Glampitect.

Glampitect provide a full consultancy for UK glamping businesses and can offer feasibility studies, business plans and obtain planning permission to help you progress your plans from the ideas stage to the grand opening. With their help, your glamping journey will be fun and exciting, as it should be!

To find out more about what they do, or get in touch with their friendly team, click here for advice on setting up your glamping site!

What is my target market?

How will the business run?

What kind of infrastructure do I need?

Whether it's quiet romantic couple's retreats, or a fun and busy family destination you're setting up, identifying who your customers are will help you decide what sort of accommodation to offer and is the first step to creating your business plan!

Perhaps hosting a busy glamping site is your dream job, or you're looking for a more laid back lifestyle with just a handful of guests. You might want to run it yourself, as a family business, or employ staff to run it for you. You might choose to be open 12 months a year or just for the summer season! There are plenty of ways to run a glamping business, and the approach you choose should take the most important part (That's you!) into account.

Will you set up an off-grid haven with "back to basics" charm, or will you invest in running water, electricity and waste to provide your guests with a luxury experience? Are you well connected to public transport, or will you need to provide more parking spaces? It helps to factor in your start-up costs, and even make room for you site to grow.

Can I get planning permission?

There is generally a good appetite for new guest accommodation across the UK and many glamping sites get the green light from planners. That said, it's important that any new site is appropriate for its area, sustainable and doesn't negatively affect the environment or the lives of people living nearby. That's why getting planning permission before you open is a good idea!