The Shepherd's Lodge

Prices start from approx. £105,000 + VAT


The Shepherds Lodge is quite simply the largest hut we build, and quite possibly the most luxurious you can buy in the UK today.

Our signature design and build quality makes this hut what it is, and the size means that there are more options in the layout and fit out to provide a fully realised living space. 

As one of the UK's longest established Shepherd Hut builders, we have worked to bring the classic design into the 21st century and were one of the first builders to incorporate ensuite bathrooms, fitted kitchens, underfloor heating and other modern conveniences into our huts.

With our designs on the forefront, we have always lead the market in creating larger and more luxurious huts. That's why our Shepherds Lodge is the next step in Shepherds Hut evolution! It is the largest possible hut that can be built and delivered as a single unit, fully finished and ready for use. For more information, read on.

A Big Bed

Thanks to the width of the Shepherds Lodge, a King Sized or even Super King sized bed can be fitted with space either side, to allow you to get in and out without rolling over your partner in the middle of the night! 


A partition at the foot of the bed helps create a distinction between the living and sleeping areas of the hut. 

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Thursford Lodge 2.png
Built-In Storage 

Our in house joinery team create unique built-in furniture designed specially for our huts that you won't find off-the-shelf anywhere else.


Our handmade wardrobes, shelves and cabinets are purpose built, space saving and styled to suit the theme of your hut- Whether it be rustic, contemporary, Scandi-chic or Cottagecore. With ample storage solutions, you can ensure that your lodge remains elegant and clutter-free.

Living Space

The central area of the hut is a welcoming space, enjoying the twin focal points of the French doors and the wood burning stove. There is plenty of space for furniture such as sofas or armchairs, making this area perfect for relaxing in comfort.

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Fully Featured Kitchens

The Lodge kitchen is designed to include an integrated fridge with an ice box, induction hob and even a built in oven, as well as a sink and enough storage space for all the crockery and utensils you need to make it a fully functional space to cook. With options for a breakfast bar, or additional storage, the design can be personalised to suit your needs.

The Ensuite

With various design options, a WC and sizeable 1m walk-in shower are built in, as well as storage for towels and toiletries. The whole ensuite can even be extended to 1.2m or 1.5m to allow a bigger shower, although bear in mind that this may reduce the kitchen or living space accordingly.

Thursford Lodge 7.png
Different Designs and Styles

As with all of our Shepherd Huts, the designs of our huts are bespoke so your hut can be personalised to suit your needs. See below a gallery of the different features and design choices that went into these examples.

Holly Lodge at Thursford

This couples retreat was built in a rustic farmhouse style with distressed timber detailing, rubbed-through oak plus quirky features such as chicken-wire fronted kitchen cabinets. The main request in the design brief was to avoid any modern stainless steel or chrome finishes in the hut- By instead utilising natural distressed copper, brass and forged iron in the fit out wherever possible, the result was a cosy and welcoming space with a cottage-core appeal throughout.

Shepherds Delight at Top Farm

This hut has an eclectic design that merges a contemporary finish with rustic features such as distressed reclaimed oak, creative lighting and artistic accents such as artisanal cupboard fittings, a stained glass window and even a set of sliding window shutters that doubles as a spice rack. There are numerous built in cabinets, drawers and book shelves, making the hut feel lively and lived in with trinkets, treasures, books and other ornaments and decorations bringing it to life.

The Family Lodge at The Grove Glamping

Designed for a family of up to five, this hut features a built in Super king bed for the parents, and a triple stack of built in bunk beds for the kids- all built to be easily accessible for changeovers without feeling cramped for the guests. The living area of the hut is designed around a dining and games table, with built in bench seating with storage, a slightly simpler kitchen to save space, and space for a sofa.