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How Much Revenue Can Our Shepherd Huts Generate?

Updated: Jan 7

Glamping continues to be a booming industry for the UK as more and more holidaymakers opt for staycations and short breaks within driving distance. With the aid of hosting websites such as Airbnb, it's easier than ever for independent hosts to offer overnight accommodation to guests, and this has lead to the bar being raised in terms of quality as guests become more discerning for stays that offer comfort as well as that all important wow-factor.

Shepherd Huts remain on the forefront of this growing market, mostly because they tend to tick all the boxes of things that customers are looking for! Year round appeal, comfort in all weather, ensuite and kitchen facilities that beat anything you'll get in any yurt, pod or even some lodges.

With all of that in mind, how much revenue can you earn per year with a Shepherds Hut?

This does of course vary on a few factors, such as what type of hut you are offering and the level of service your provide, as well as the amount of competition in your area. But essentially you could potentially be earning up to £36,000 a year per hut.

Our most luxurious huts, such as our Shepherds Lodge often book for £180-200 a night, typically with a 3 night minimum stay. With a year round offering and annual occupancy of 200 nights, or around 66 individual bookings, a potential revenue of £36,000 can be achieved every year. With an initial investment of around £85,000 for this type of hut, it's not unreasonable to expect a return on investment within 3 years or less! With an expected lifespan of at least 20 years if well maintained, it's a long term investment that will continue to pay dividends into the future.

Even our smaller huts, which can be booked out from anywhere between £80-160 a night are a lucrative investment. Although the market for smaller and mid-sized huts is now slightly more competitive, the quality of our build will ensure that they will continue to attract guests for decades to come, quite literally outlasting your competitors.

For example a mid-range Poachers Hut that costs around £55,000 to buy may generate £140 per night needs just 50 3-night bookings to generate £21,000, offering a complete ROI in less than 3 years.

We have designed huts for a range of different glamping businesses to meet the needs of different markets. Whatever your approach, we have a hut to suit, so take a look at our range and contact us for a quotation. View Shepherd Huts and Prices Here.

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