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How Are Shepherd Huts Delivered?

Updated: Jan 7

Our Shepherd Huts may have wheels, but the journey usually requires a bit of assistance!

As some of our huts travel as far as 600 miles from our workshop to their new home, we work closely with a Olympic plant hire, who have helped us through hundreds of deliveries over the last 10 years. With the aid of their Hiab lorry, we can deliver your hut fully built and ready to use straight onto your location. Our aim is to deliver the hut as efficiently and safely as possible, minimising disruption and cost to the customer. Few deliveries are straightforward, and most present some sort of challenge, which we are always ready to meet and overcome!

Typically, delivery costs are calculated by mileage depending on the nature of the plant vehicle used, and the duration spent on site by both the transport company and our team. We provide an estimated cost prior to delivery, with the actual balance passed on afterwards.

Our expert delivery team can lift your hut over certain walls and hedges, depending on conditions.

In order to guarantee a delivery using our conventional methods, we require the following criteria be met:

  • Clear vehicular access with a minimum width of 3m leading from the highway up to the huts agreed location.

  • No overhanging wires or tree branches.

  • Solid, level and (ideally) dry ground to drive on, preferably an established road or vehicle track.

  • Suitable turning space for a 40ft lorry.

We will always visit our customers on site to agree the location of the hut, the route of delivery, as well as identifying any issues that may pose challenges. Certain challenges may include:

  • Trees that require cutting back

  • Public access routes that need to be kept clear of parked cars and other obstructions

  • Fences, Hedges, Gates or other boundaries which may need to be widened or temporarily removed.

  • Adverse Weather

In cases where our conventional Hiab lorry cannot reach, we will then explore other options such as use of a stick crane, spider crane, telehandler, trailer and winch, or towing the hut in on its wheels (if it is built on a towable chassis rather than a fixed one- More info on that here!).

If after exploring all options, there seems to be absolutely no way of delivering a hut fully built, we can then quote for building your hut on site. Bear in mind that this method is typically much more expensive than a build delivered from our workshop, and gets more expensive the further away you are.

Wherever you are, if it's possible to get a hut to your location, we will make it happen! If you're interested in a hut but are unsure about the access, then get in touch with our team on 01603 397777! If you are able to take some photographs or a video of the access and send these to info@englishshepherdshut.co.uk prior to calling, along with a link to your address on Google Maps, this will help us understand your situation better and offer the best advice we can.

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