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Can I Buy a Shepherds Hut on Finance?

Often when buying a Shepherds Hut, the hut itself is just a part of your overall cost. The groundworks, infrastructure, as well as planning fees may also need to be budgeted for, so being able to spread the cost of your hut may help you get your project off the ground!

Fortunately, our huts are built to last for decades and have a proven track record of being able to generate significant revenue. That's why obtaining asset finance can be a wise way to finance your purchase, and you can pay for your hut in instalments rather than an upfront lump sum.

The Advantages of Financing Your Huts Include:

  • Managing Your Budget: You may well have various other expenses such as groundworks, planning fees, marketing and loose furnishings. By spreading the payments of your hut, you can ensure that your whole project is financed.

  • No Compromise: Shepherd Huts are expensive, even the cheap ones! Finance can make a high end build more affordable, allowing you to invest in a high quality product that is designed exactly to meet your needs.

  • Maximise Opportunities: Rather than starting small with just one hut and waiting for your glamping business to grow, finance options may allow you to invest in more huts for your first year and enjoy the returns of a more profitable venture early on.

What are the Finance Options?

There are plenty of finance brokers out there, and many start by speaking to their bank. However we often get approached by lending companies offering their services to our clients.

One such company who we know, trust and can vouch for are Credo Asset Financ

e. To make an enquiry with a member of their friendly team, click here.

How Does the Finance Work?

As everybody's situation is different, and we are just a hut builder, the exact finance deal would be between yourself and the lender- We stay out of that part! Essentially, they will provide you with a personalised offer for the amount you wish to borrow under agreed terms. Once this is confirmed and your order is placed, we receive payment from the lender, and your repayments commence as agreed.

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