Do I Need Planning Permission for a Shepherd Hut?

"You don't need planning permission for a shepherd hut because it's on wheels."

We hear the above statement a lot, and sadly it just isn't true! The good news is that in some cases you do not need planning permission for a hut, but when you do it's often quite simple to obtain it. If you require planning permission for glamping site, click here.

You might not need planning permission for...
  • A occasional room in your garden

  • An artists studio

  • A home office

  • A spare bedroom for visiting friends/family

You are likely to need planning permission for...
  • Setting up a new camping or glamping site

  • Adding to an existing camping/glamping site

  • Setting up a B&B in your garden

  • Siting a hut within woodland or farmland for guest use.


It's not always clear so we always recommend checking with your local council in either case. However, if you are unsure and would like to discuss your project with us, we would be happy to advise.