Working From Home

Now more than ever, we are realising that home-working not only helps your work-life balance, but can also provide much needed stability to your business in times such as these when people are simply not able to go into work.

At the end of the Covid-19 crisis, we believe that businesses will re-assess their stance on home working and the balance may change to allow both employees and business owners to seek more flexibility in working from home.

To meet these needs, we have always been passionate about designing high quality bespoke garden offices for business of all sizes, as well as writers, therapists and more. They can feature a range of essentials such as built in desks, screens, heating, bathrooms, bookshelves, electricity and even telephone and internet cabling.

If you would benefit from an office in your garden, get in touch!

Simple Office Design

All of our huts are bespoke made, and can be designed to suit your business. That's why we offer a comprehensive design service. Below is just one example of an inexpensive garden office that could be a set building, a shepherd hut or even a road towable unit! The below examples are for a 12ft x 7ft 6inch tin clad hut with full insulation, 240v electricity, two windows, a stable door, shuttersand lights. There are options for built in features such as desks (as shown), stoves and more.

TP Hut.png
Timberpad Cabin

From £20,500 + VAT

Designed to sit on a prepared base, this hut has no wheels and is under 2.5m so can discreetly fit in most gardens. This can be delivered in the same manner as our shepherds huts, fully build and ready to use.

Classic Hut.png
Classic Shepherds Hut

From £21,500 + VAT

A traditional style Shepherds Hut with black steel wheels on a fixed chassis. As with all of our huts, these are fully bespoke and can be fitted out to suit your needs.

WR Hut.png
Wild Rover

From £23,500 + VAT

Ideal as a mobile or temporary office, this hut is built onto a road towable Ifor Williams chassis, allowing it to be moved and hitched up practically anywhere.

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