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Shepherds Huts To Take on Coronavirus!

Let's face it- Covid-19 will affect us all. We may catch it personally, or perhaps someone we know will despite all measures, and the outcomes could be inconvenient for some but tragic for others. But the longer term effects could be the threats to business and our economy caused by social distancing, supply issues and sick leave.

Whether you run a business that needs to maintain cash flow, or a house hold with bills to pay, there are plenty for whom the risks are very real and very significant.

That's why we're prepared to do our bit and provide what we can for emergency office and living space to those who want to remove the risk. If you're a business owner with key personnel to protect, or you need to isolate yourself or a member of your household, we have got some pop up options that could be delivered at short notice to your home or workplace.*

Beatrice: from £300/week**

This simple hut makes an ideal pop up office. It's road towable so it can be parked in your garden or driveway and plug into your mains electricity. It arrives with a desk and chair, lights and an electric stove. If you need to work from home, this could help you do so whilst keeping it separate from your home life.

This ensuite bedroom hut is ideal for isolating a family member who is suffering from COVID-19 symptoms or for isolating oneself if you're the only one without! It could even be an ideal safe-haven for an elderly relative so that they can be taken care of. With a double bed, kitchenette with a sink, kettle and microwave, wood burning stove and an ensuite toilet and shower, it's a cosy living space that can be delivered to your garden and hooked up to your utilities.

Container Office: From £300/week**

This converted 20ft shipping container office is a secure pop up office. Whether you need to protect your key personnel by isolating them, or want a handy place to work from home, this office has electrical sockets, lights and AV wiring, as well as a WiFi signal booster and underfloor heating.

For more information, get in touch on 01603 397777

* Delivery costs TBC

** Hire prices are as follows

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